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Ascension Endodontics


General Information


Fees for endodontic therapy will vary based upon the particular tooth in need of treatment and the issues with the tooth.  Patients can expect to pay anywhere from $950 to $1700 per tooth for treatment, depending on the difficulty of the case and if a buildup is required.  The basic office consultation fee is $75, but higher fees may be charged depending on the number of teeth being evaluated.

Treatment fees are the responsibility of the patient and payment in full is expected at the time the services are rendered.  We are not contracted with any dental or medical insurance company.  We do, as a courtesy to our patients, submit the dental insurance claim and provide any additional information the company may need. If an insurance company policy is to accept assignment of benefits from the patient, we will only charge the patient the fee amount the insurance company will not pay our office.  The Insurance Coordinators will research the amount of maximum coverage in a policy period, benfits left in the policy period, and the percentage of usual and customary fees paid according to a patient's policy guidelines. The patient out- of-pocket portion of the fees (the balance the insurance company will probably not pay)  will be required at the time of treatment.  If an insurance company reimburses at a higher rate, we will provide the patient with a refund.  Occasionally insurance companies will not cover the entire remaining balance. When this occurs the patient is required to pay the balance. 

For us to effeciently file a claim, it is the patient's responsibility to provide the correct name of the company, the subcriber ID or social security number and any other information required to file a claim.  There is often a common point of confusion about the percentage paid in a benefit period.  The insurance company's UCR (Usual, Customary, and Reasonable) charge schedule, is based on a maximum fee schedule to which they will apply a patient's benefit percentage.  There is no dollar for dollar ratio between their UCR and fees charged. 

Many carriers determine their UCR by a negotiated list between them and an employer for a given procedure.  The payment listing is related to cost of the premiums and the geographical area where the services are rendered, usually seperated by zip codes.  An insurance company surveys the area, calculates an average fee, a percentage of that fee and considers it UCR.  The most common misconception is that an insurance company will pay 50%, 80%, or even 100% of our fee instead of "UCR" fees.   In most cases, the insurance company's payment is much less than the actual billed amount that we charge.

Patients without insurance will be required to pay in full at the time services are rendered.   We accept cash, visa, mastercard, discover, Amex, and personal checks.  We also accept Carecredit, which can be linked from this website for quick and easy application processing and approval.  Just click on  to apply or call 800-365-8295 for more information.