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Ascension Endodontics


Blair Gremillion, DDS and Emily Guarisco, DDS, MS

Our Mission

Our Mission is simple: to assist dentists in the area in providing excellent dental care to the wonderful people of our community. We understand that every patient we treat is also a patient of a colleague in the area. We pledge to keep referring dentists completely informed, and to promptly return patients for their continued dental care.

Services Provided

At Ascension Endodontics, we believe in providing a way for patients to maintain their natural teeth. As a result, Dr. Gremillion and Dr. Guarisco have undergone specific training in treating and managing some of the most difficult of endodontic cases, including but not limited to:

  • Orthograde Treatment & Re-treatment RCT
  • Surgical RCT
  • Instrument Removal
  • Post Removal
  • Emergency Pain Management
  • Dental Trauma

Every treatment performed is done under extensive magnification and illumination provided by the Zeiss Pro Ergo operating microscope. This allows Drs. Gremillion and Guarisco visualize the smallest details, such as calcified or additional canals, separated instruments, etc. that are often impossible to see under less magnification. Our office uses a technology called GentleWave that is used to improve the efficacy and efficiency of root canal treatment as well as patient experience. Following each treatment, the referring dentist will receive a detailed description of the services provided. Included in the report will be pre and post treatment digital radiographs and photos of the tooth/teeth  treated.  

Patient-Centered Root Canal Treatment Technology


GentleWave® Technology is a new development in pursuit of improving root canal treatment, as well as the patient experience.

The minimally invasive approach of the GentleWave Procedure minimizes manual instrumentation and instead utilizes a powerful vortex of procedure fluids and acoustic energy that cleans the deepest, most complex portions of the root canal system.